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Horseman, Pass By.


Horseman, Pass By. is a Havelock/Ottawa-based duo of Bennett Bedoukian (Drums and Electronics) and Mark Molnar (Cello and Electronics). 
They have been playing together for 3 years, have ground gears out on 2 cars, wasted countless hours wandering half liminal and wrung out through truck stops on masticated highways across eastern Canada, are released their debut record - ALL CURSES ARE MIRRORS - in the late spring of 2019.

Their material is comprised of improvisation, white noise transmissions across rural easement posts, and heavily choreographed rhythm and melody, combining the drone rattles of an old diesel engine with the frenzied calls of masses of mating passerines. Their music attempts to bridge the gaps between the echoes out of abandoned cold storage and the fractured voices of underestimated communities. They write songs for those with an ear for the persistent, and the dessication of dead leaves clinging to beech trees at dawn amid the issued reports of the frost cracking forest. The music is at times startling and ecstatic on the two and four, while unflinchingly scraping around the crevices of the bottomlands in an attempt to lay low in the age of irony.

Bennett Bedoukian is the proprietor, printer, and creative heart behind the letter press O Underworld! in Havelock, Ontario. He is a regular contributor and show presenter in Peterborough, as well as one of the co-creators of the Fat Plant Assembly Series of performances with Melinda Richter (founder of Curated, and the eye of the sonic storm that is AWA and Slowly Slowly). He performs under the solo project Cold Eye, and currently plays with the Craig Pedersen Quartet (Craig Pedersen, Linsey Wellman, Thierry Amar) and Mice (Mark Molnar and Dave Clark) and has previously played with Hello, Babies, and with various arrangements of improvisers, including Karen Ng, Vicky Mettler, Doug Friesen and others.

Mark Molnar is the Fat-Controller/Minister of Ambient Replenishment at Black Bough Records in Ottawa, Ontario. He plays strings and electronics with Kingdom Shore, 1/4 Tonne (Nick Keupfer and Eric Craven), Generator (John Higney and Jamie Gulliksen), Mice (Bennett Bedoukian and Dave Clark), Dusk Scored Dark (Vicky Mettler, Craig Pedersen, Bennett Bedoukian), Land of Kush, and in configurations with Craig Pedersen, James Annett, David Broscoe, and the IMOO Orchestra and String Quartet (Improvising Musicians of Ottawa/Outaouais). He also plays erhu and rebab in Gamelan Semara Winangun. His music has been performed by the Quasar Saxaphone Quartet (Montreal), and the Thin Edge Music Collective (Toronto), and he has written and performed string arrangements for Buried Inside, If Then Do, and Alaskan.


Horseman, Pass By. - Riverrun to black (by Martin Dupuis)


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BB006 Horseman, Pass By. - ALL CURSES ARE mirrors

Debut LP - released March 11th, 2019.

Includes Silk Screened & Letter Pressed Poster, Letter Pressed Credits Card,

& Poem "Under Ben Bulben" by W.B. Yeats, Printed by O Underworld Press!, with

BBoo7 Under Ben Bulben CD, and Download Codes - Available - $33 USD + Postage.

BB006 - Digital Edition - ALL CURSES ARE MIRRORS - Available - $11 USD



Horseman, Pass By. - UNDER BULBEN BEN


bb007 Horseman, pass by. - under ben bulben


CD - released March 11th, 2019.

75minute Companion CD included in ALL CURSES ARE MIRRORS.

Digital Edition - Available - $9 USD